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Jump Rangers is about little kid space commandoes fighting for humanity's survival against an empire of giant alien dinosaurs - as well as giant alien robots, and all the other giant threats that wait for us among the stars. When "The Saurian Horde" invaded Earth, our world has no interstellar travel of our own. The only way humanity could survive was by colonizing their vast and cavernous motherships, colonizing the worlds where they land, and spreading out amongst the stars like an infestation of bed bugs.

While the grown-up refugees of Earth struggle through their ragtag, "bandages and blasters" existence and cling to the last little pieces of human civilization, a number of brave kids have taken it upon themselves to sneak aboard alien vessels and steal technology, to carry news between worlds and star systems, to fight back against the aliens, and to lead humanity into the future. Nobody told these kids to run away and become our heroes. In Jump Rangers, kids really are the future... and that future is now.

The Corebook is here, where you can also purchase all the expansions in bulk at a dicounted price: https://jumprangers.itch.io/corebook

What you're looking at here is:

In the very first Jump Rangers opera to start laying out the Jump Rangers continuity, General Ardin Paksis needs the Rangers to help him wipe the Saurian Horde off of Planet Battleground - and to build a weapon strong enough to push the Horde of of Sauros or Earth! Because the General's plan only works with the help of the undersaurs, the Rangers will journey from Battleground to Sauros and back again. Along the way they'll face the Saurian front on Planet Battleground, the dangers of the underworld of Dragon City on Sauros, and everything between!

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TENNYSON E. STEAD: Writer, Producer, Created By

LEE HULME: Development Coordinator, Editor, Writer

In the corps, we don't say "good luck." What we say is "go high and go far."

Go high and go far, Rangers!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Jump Rangers- Mission File 1 - The Undersaur Alliance 339 kB

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